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Blue Knights Ohio XVIII
Chapter News
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January 2008
Dear Friends,
Happy New Year to one and all.  This year promises to be another great Blue Knights year for riding and getting together. 
This year we will be riding our traditional rides, such as: the  annual Tony Paco's Ride, in Toledo; the annual Honda Homecoming; the annual Amish Country Ride; the National Police Memorial Ride, in Washington DC; and our annual Smoky Mountain Ride, in October.  There will also be many last minute rides announced by e-mail.
The Blue Knights Great Lakes Conference will be holding it's 2008 semi-annual rally on April 25-27, in Perrysburgh, Ohio.  The Blue Knights International will be holding it International Convention in Peoria, Illinois on July 20-25, 2008.  If you have not attended any of these types of events in the past, now is your chance, and you won't have to travel very far.  The 2009 International Convention will be in Owensboro, Kentucky, for future planning.
I do need to collect the dues this month in order to meet the International dues deadline.  Dues have not changes, and they are still $25.00.  Please make your check out to:  Blue Knights Ohio 18, and mail it to 5291 Morral Kirkpatrick, Rd. W., Morral, Ohio  43337.  I must send the chapter check to the International by January 28, 2008, so please get your check into me as soon as possible, or drop me an e-mail.
Riding With Pride